Learn from over 20 experts in a variety of fields to break free from unrealistic expectations and follow nature’s design in child development!

How is this series different from the other parenting conferences you’ve attended?

Not only do we have some of the best developmental and parenting professionals to guide us on this journey, but we take a deeper dive into how sensory processing impacts your child’s behaviors as we will hear from some of the TOP sensory experts in the field!

Here’s what you’ll get out of these interviews:

  • Matching our expectations for children with the developmentally, biologically appropriate skills
  • How to co-regulate your child at ANY age to promote regulation skills and build resilience in your child
  • The underlying processing skills that might be affecting your child’s behaviors and causing the challenges you face in everyday life
  • How to optimize your child’s development during certain daily activities
  • How we build the neural foundation for our childrens’ development during the first few months of life including the importance of nurturing, responsiveness, unrestricted movement, and unstructured play

Your Host: Taira Fischer

Taira is a licensed pediatric occupational therapist certified by one of the leading research and treatment institutes in sensory processing disorder. She has been working with families and studying all aspects of child neurodevelopment for her entire professional career building a foundation to provide parents with the best resources out there to support their child’s natural development. Taira is determined to empower YOU to lean into nature’s design and follow the research and science we now have that tells us how to best nourish our children’s brain growth and development.


Sensory Health and Wellness: A Foundation for Function in All Children


SPD’s Effect on Eating, Sleeping, and Toileting


How to Handle Challenging Behaviors

Debbie Reber

Leaning Into Our Differently Wired Children

Rae Pica

Let Kids Be Kids

Marilyn Sanders

Ready for Relationships

Lindsey Biel

Sensory Smart Parenting Strategies

Kelly Beins

Sensory IS Behavior

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Raising Good Humans

Bridgett Miller

Becoming a More Patient and Conscious Parent

Lauren Foster

Basic Nutrition to Support Healthy Brains and Growing Bodies

Britt Collins-Feist

A Sensory Approach to Feeding

Kristin Bednarz

Tummy Time and Beyond: Nurturing physical development in the first year of life

Deborah McNelis

Neuro-Nurturing in the First 60 Days

Greer Kirshenbaum

Nurturing the Unique Infant Brain

Holly Peretz

Unlocking the Power of Play in Early Childhood

Lindsey Stamper

Inspiring Outdoor Play

Heather Davis

Building Resilient and Confident Kids

Kim Hopkins

Moving From Power & Control to Collaboration & Problem Solving

Cara Koscinski

Interoception – How I Feel, Sensing My World from the Inside Out

Signe Anderson

Mom Journey – An SLP’s first hand experience with airway and sleep

Megan Pollock

How to Talk to Your Child to Promote Language

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