Megan Pollock

How to Talk to Your Child to Promote Language

About The Speaker

Megan received her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science at Ohio University and her Master’s degree from The Ohio State University in 2009. She has performed diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to apraxia, language disorders, mild to severe phonological processing disorders, and pragmatic language disorders in pre-school children and school-aged children.

When Megan started working in at Sensory Solutions in 2017, she quickly recognized the benefits of interdisciplinary co-treatment. Through collaboration with the Occupational Therapists, she uses sensory techniques to help engage her students in her sessions. She also is very passionate about using a play-based approach in therapy. She enjoys training caregivers and collaborating with other professionals on the child’s team so goals and objectives can be obtained outside of the therapy room and across all settings. She has a passion for helping her clients communicate and advocating for their needs!


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